Who are we?

For a few years, without knowing each other we had walked our dogs, each on our side. Our four legs friends allowed us thinking, thinking of a better life, thinking about a different life, thinking about a life with love. In 2001always with our dogs, we left our respective life.

Lucky I could keep my treasure named Lady, she followed me until the end. Lady was a crossbreed, Bichon/Doodle, she arrived home on Christmas Day 1998 as a gift to my seven year old daughter. Lady grew up with my 3 children, she consoled them, amused them and made them made sometime, she was a real friend! From 2003 to 2008, she lived in a recomposed family. Adaptable as no one, she became the six children’s friend, she also lived through travelling every weekend due to work outside town, she lived in two houses, there was no problem at all for my adaptable four legs friend.

She was also there to help me going through the most difficult period of my life. In return, I supported her when she needed me, she finally left us at the age of 10 because of a renal failure.

My husband had a friend named Cooper, beautiful crossbreed Labrador/Beagle. Cooper lived with my husband until his divorce. Unfortunately that decision separated them, still in his heart and still difficult to think about her. She was re-homed in a campaign were she could run, run and run, like she loved so much, he never forgot her and he will never forget.

What happen to a man that loves Labrador and marries a woman with allergy that loves doodles? Labradoodles!

After months and months of desperate search we finally found this new breed and Michelle, a well known and passionate breeder, the dog of our dream. From there we chose, in memorial of a wonderful doodle named Lady and an extraordinary mini Labrador named Cooper, to become the first registered Genuine Australian Labradoodles breeder in the province of Quebec.

Our new friends, Cassie and Bella are now member of our family, like our previous friends. As a very small breeder, our goal is to produce quality and send them to home where people will enjoy and share with us the pleasure to be an owner of gorgeous dogs.