Our Girls


 We have 3 females:

Moka, Mélina et Caramel(Futur star)

On this pic: Mélina, Moka and Cassie-retired



Here are our 3 dams






Quebec Labradoodles 

Mokaccino ALAA-038418



Moka, she is happiness on four legs, her pleasure is to please every one. Fast learner always want to be spoiled and caressed by human hand. She is parchment (color) like her mommy "Jade". She will begin her breeding carreer in 2017.





Taille Médium

Poids : 30 livres

Hauteur : 18 pouces

Pennhip: 70th

OFA Elbow - Negative

OFA Hip - Good

CERF -  Clear

Genotype - bbEe

Quebec Labradoodles

Mélina ALAA-038407


Look at what Annie et Chantale said about Mélina: 


"Melina turns heads and melts hearts everywhere she goes. With a happy and easygoing demeanor, and highly sociable with humans and other dogs, she calmly adapts to every situation.  The most agreeable of companions, she truly fits her nickname 'Ms GoodHumour'."





Taille Médium

Poids : 35 livres

Hauteur : 19 pouces

Pennhip: 50th

OFA Elbow - Negative

OFA Hip - Good

CERF -  Clear

Genotype - bbee



 Futur STAR!

Quebec Labradoodles Caramel Fleur de sel


ALAA-à venir


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